The dog is the epitome of devotion and loyalty, but don’t be blindly faithful.

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You want some more loyalty in your life?

Devoted Dog visually and energetically supports you in the manifestation of that wish.
For more loyalty in your life first uproot all the underlying beliefs and traits IN YOURSELF where you are not as loyal, devoted and trustworthy as you could be. It all starts with ourselves first. Then look around you and evaluate your closer friends and aquaintances. Weed out those you feel are not as loyal a friend as you wish them to be.
Examine this judgement closely, as we often blame others for our own shortcomings. Examine your beliefs. What does loyalty mean, and what does it mean to you?
What are your values?
What does your environment reflect to you?
What you attract is either what you are or what you need in your life.

Practice loyalty first yourself and you will receive it.

Loyalty is defined as standing by someone or something you value and care for. We all need loyal people whom we can trust to have our best interest at heart – even if it’s tough love and inconvenient words. Real friends keep our secrets while telling us what we cannot see for ourselves. They are a reflection of ourselves. This means: You have to be the best friend you can be FIRST.

The dog is the epitome of devotion and loyalty, but there is a downside, so let the dog also be a warning

Don’t be blindly faithful, don’t accept everything at face value. Question everything. Excercise your inner wisdom to distinguish what is worth your faith. Know yourself.

Open Edition Artprint

A statement in any room. Matte, museum-quality artprints on durable, archival paper.

also available as iPhone Cases

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