You need a one-of-a-kind gift that’s unique, personal and thoughtful?

You need a present that shows your appreciation?


Personalized Portraits are a special way to show that you care and see.

I offer a modern take on this exclusive and somewhat noble tradition of rendering someone’s likeness. My portraits are mainly created in black ballpoint pen, occasionally different other media adds to this essential look, which creates a timeless piece of artwork fitting into modern homes as well as pleasing to more classic tastes.

I call my approach and this series Antlitz [`antlits]:
an old german expression meaning ‘the one that looks back‘.

Aiming for the best possible representation of the portrayed, I try to highlight the life and spark behind the face, that which is alive and connects us. “It’s only with the heart one can see rightly” says the little prince, and adding to that, I feel that the eyes are the window to the soul. My portraits are about ‘see and be seen’ – from one soul to the other. This includes our fellow nonhuman family members, spirit animals as well as beloved humans.

“I depict animals in their individuality,
sometimes catching their funny face or pointing out their interesting shapes.
When they directly look at the viewer and offer eye contact they allow for a deeper, spiritual connection.”

myripa –

Connect with me and let’s have a little talk about what you have in mind.

To give you an idea about your investment here are some cornerstone prices.
As I try to accommodate your preferences, depending on our arrangement these are a bit flexible.

DIN A5: 179.- Euro

DIN A4: 279.- Euro

DIN A3: 379.- Euro

Let me know soon if you ponder a portrait, so I will be able to deliver on your preferred time. I am happy to hear from you and easy to talk to.