You need a one-of-a-kind gift that’s unique, personal and thoughtful?

Personalized Portraits in black ballpoint pen, rendered with love, detail and only a little bit of color to enhance the impact.

A modern take on this age-old tradition to create a timeless piece of artwork that will fit perfectly into modern and rustic homes.

I call this series
Antlitz: the one that looks back‘.

Connect with me and let’s have a little talk about what you have in mind.

Here are some cornerstone prices (individual pricing will be agreed upon after first contact) to give you an idea:

DIN A5: 179.- Euro

DIN A4: 279.- Euro

DIN A3: 379.- Euro


I am happy to hear from you.


“I depict animals in their individuality, sometimes catching their funny face or pointing out their interesting shapes. That and their big expressive eyes let’s their personality shine through.”