Is this art?

Art is a doorway

The point where realities merge, where ALL that is, IS. The point where you can loose yourself to find your Self. Where nothing is broken, and all is healed.  It is the center of the storm, the point of deep silence from which all creation is birthed, and everything in this realm and beyond is possible.

Creating art gives you a taste of your unabridged powers of creation that is translatable to all areas of your life.

My paintings

My paintings are not meticulously planned. I flow, and in the end i am more often than not surprised at the result. I bow to life itself, to all the aspects and faces of true love. Art for me is an expression of it. Its messy, and colorful, crazy and fun and seems to make no sense – and yet it does. Yet you only get the message when listening with you heart.

If my paintings contain a message then it might just possibly be this one:
The heart might hurt, yet love heals. Love your Self first, and let the light in through the cracks. You are a precious gift.

If you stumble along the way – don´t judge the blood, it’s there to clean the wound.

Is this art or can it go?

Whatever happens, i try to use each crack and scratch to my heart to let more light in, and more love out. Like a seed breaking open, instead of breaking apart.
In my perception of reality, i invite each challenge to assist me in my growth process, therefor i honor each of them bruises and bow in thanks for the lessons bestowed and learned.
I bow before the ultimate patience and loving hand that teaches – which in the end is my Self as part of Creation itself.

Every particle of this realm and beyond, all that IS, is interconnected.

I suggest to take the wounds you sustain as doorways to your innermost truth. There is always another reality to explore, another point of view worth entertaining, another world to discover. Everything moves, and i trust the process, trust your higher Self (or whatever you wanna call that which is alive in you and seeks to guide you)

I am blessed and thankful Spirit is only a brush away whenever i get lost in this 3D matrix and forget who i really am, what really sustains the sparkle that i am.

I learned not to question the outcome, and trust the process.

Art serves you

Sometimes when times are bleak, getting into the process of creating is a very effective way of regaining balance: Be it painting, writing, sculpting or any other form of expressing whatever vibrates inside you and is beyond full comprehension.

When having the blues or full-blown crisis it is often, on a deep layer, about feeling disconnected and isolated, and experiencing a feeling of disempowerment, helplessness. Feeling lost and lonely,  fears of any kind come into play.

Creation reconnects you

By getting into the process of creating you reconnect ourselves through engagement – in a first step you reconnect to your body, your physical senses. This is called ‘grounding’, and it helps refocussing our minds attention away from those mindfuck-movies into our actual, physical body – into the moment.

Most problems we create ourselves through basically our thoughts. The world around us is simply a holographic mirror of our personal thoughts and beliefs, while the basic structure of our 3D reality is a result of our collective belief system, also called ‘collective consciousness’.

In a second step, once the main emotional tsunami is out of your system, when you get into the flow then spirit enters the game. Emotions are not the same as feelings. Emotions are created by your thoughts and those might be based on many things, among them past experiences and traumas stored in our cells. When something happens those old pains get triggered and the program we used back then to deal and survive gets to play out. This gives little space for you to your true spiritual self, seeing that it is the eye of the storm, which is hard to imagine when you are thrown around by your emotions. Emotions are f.e. jealousy, anger, loneliness.

Feelings, contrastingly, are build into our basic system, f.e. fear, love, satisfaction

Creation empowers you

Another level and benefit of creation is empowerment.
The feeling of ‘i can´t do anything`will make space for the idea of you creating a solution. This is especially true when you do not attach your worth to the result of the work, but rather to the action itself. And herein lies the crux: there is enormous potential in creating artwork when feeling very emotional, because it suppressed the mind chatter to a degree. On the other hand you have to make a conscious decision to immerse yourself in the process, to purge yourself of those emotions and the thoughts that create them.

Art detoxify’s you

Art as a cleansing process, since you externalize your emotional pain on the canvas, the clay, the music. It is like purging the feelings churning inside you. Once you channel that energy outside yourself onto your canvas of choice, you hereby transform that energy. The object created in that energetic field will hold these emotions, mostly turning them inert simply because some energy was used up by manifesting the result. Energy never is lost it always has to go somewhere – if you don´t get it out of your body, it will settle inside you and transform your energetic makeup.

Art can heal

This is why sustained traumas are stored in your body’s memory, how they can be triggered: because the information stays put in your body, changing literally your physiologiy and neurological functions. Art is one way to externalize looped emotions and thus, break the repetitive loop by creating an outlet.

There is more to this, but now you at least got an idea 🙂


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