Drawing the line

I have a thing for ballpoint art. Not sure when that love affair started. I remember when I was sixteen, sitting at the bus stop waiting for my ride to take me home after school. I would doodle and write bad poems in my battered notebook, most often with ballpoint pen. Back then it was still the blue one, and over time I shifted to black thin ballpoint of a certain type. Now I am very faithful to that certain type of biro, even though I am not happy that it is not organic or degradable. I will look into this soon enough and change loyalities when I find a eco-friendly ballpoint version. If I don’t … suppose I will have to switch partners completely. Well, relationsships change all the time.

Why ballpoint one might wonder. Maybe a part of it is that I am lazy… not that I dont DO a lot, but I like to simplify my life. It doesnt get much simpler than a ballpoint pen, where even an eraser is wasted space. It might not be UV proof, but then, that is something I take into stride, as change is inevitable.

Just as with all things in life we cannot erase mistakes. We can make the best of them, and working with ballpoint taught me this. It is exhilarating and relaxing to follow the pen on its broken and blotched path along the various surfaces.

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