Is this art?

Art is a doorway The point where realities merge, where ALL that is, IS. The point where you can loose yourself to find your Self. Where nothing is broken, and all is healed.  It is the center of the storm, the point of deep silence ... more

youtube channel

I am happy to announce that I finally activated my youtube channel so I can share moving pictures with you. Here is one of the first videos I created - I recorded myself drawing a realistic lion portrait. Black ballpoint and then coloring it ... more

Kunststrasse 2015

Gruppenausstellung in der AK in Imst, anlässlich und im Zuge der Kunststrasse Imst im Herbst 2015. Hier kamen endlich wieder einmal meine Acrylbilder an die Öffentlichkeit. Danke an das ganze Team, an Orga und KünstlerInnen die das möglich gemacht haben und gemeinsam mit mir ... more

Gauda Grimm

Illustrations in ballpointpen (then scanned and photoshopped into the design), as well as layout and concept by yours truly, already in 2012. some merchandize was also produced, stickers and tour poster and tshirts! Check out this amazing singer songwriter based in austria. [gallery ... more